Awarded Tenders

#Contract No.AwardedContract AmountContract DurationRegion
21TRD/HQ/1037/2016/17 M/s China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)TZS 177,425,000,000.0030 MonthsHeadquarters
22TRD/HQ/1036/2016/17 Eng. Boniface MalisaUSD 16,002.003 MonthsHeadquarters
23TRD/HQ/1035/2016/17M/s EGIS International of France USD 3,179,240.0048 MonthsHeadquarters
24TRD/HQ/1034/2016/17 M/s Kyongdong Engineering Co Ltd in JV with M/s CORE Consulting Engineers Plc in association with M/s Mhandisi ConsultaTZS 2,956,860,000.0030 MonthsHeadquarters
25TRD/HQ/1033/2016/17M/s SMEC International Pty LtdUSD 1,821,790.0048 MonthsHeadquarters
26TRD/HQ/1032/2016/17 M/s LEA International in JV with M/s LEA Associates South Asia Pvt Ltd in association with M/s Advanced Engineering SoluUSD 2,298,180.0048 MonthsHeadquarters
27TRD/HQ/1031/2016/17 M/s Yooshin Engineering Coorporation in association with M/s A.C.E Consultants, M/s Luptan Consults Ltd and M/s MhandisiTZS 5,366,720,000.0040 MonthsHeadquarters
28TRD/HQ/1030/2016/17 M/s Dott Services LtdTZS 89,591,000,000.0021 MonthsHeadquarters
29TRD/HQ/1029/2016/17 M/s Inter-Consult Ltd TZS 165,200,000.003 MonthsHeadquarters
30TRD/HQ/1027/2016/17 M/s Kila Investment & Co. LtdTZS 3,672,160.0016 WeeksHeadquarters
31TRD/HQ/1028/2016/17M/s SMEC International Pty LtdUSD 411,332.008 MonthsHeadquarters
32TRD/HQ/1026/2016/17M/s Acciona Ingenieria in association with M/s The Enviromental Association USD 301,484.0035 MonthsHeadquarters
33TRD/HQ/1025/2016/17M/s M.I Printing and Stationery Supplies LtdTZS 39,736,500.004 WeeksHeadquarters
34TRD/HQ/1022/2016/17Mr. Andreas Helmich USD 76,207.506 WeeksHeadquarters
35TRD/HQ/1024/2016/17 M/s H.P Gauff Ingenieure GmbH & Co KG – JBG in association with M/s PB-Consult GmbH, M/s GOPA Consult GmbH and M/s ETC TUSD 3,323,960.0018 MonthsHeadquarters
36TRD/HQ/1022/2016/17Mr. Andreas Helmich USD 76,207.509 WeeksHeadquarters
37TRD/HQ/1023/2016/17M/s China Henan International Cooperation Group Co. LtdTZS 616,001,000.003 WeeksHeadquarters
38TRD/HQ/1021/2016/17Ms. Hilda Faustine NtibasalilaTZS 4,000,000.0011 WeeksHeadquarters
39TRD/HQ/1018/2016/17M/s Afrisa Consulting in Joint Venture with M/s Dasan Consultants Co. Ltd USD 2,624,560.0048 MonthsHeadquarters
40TRD/HQ/1019/2016/17Mr. Joseph Shayo USD 87,792.0012 MonthsHeadquarters