Awarded Tenders

#Contract No.AwardedContract AmountContract DurationRegion
1TRD/HQ/1058/2016/17 M/s CMC Automobile LtdTZS 89,088,500.003 MonthsHeadquarters
2TRD/HQ/1057/2016/17 Dr. Geoffrey M. RoweUSD 54,004.408 WeeksHeadquarters
3TRD/HQ/1056/2016/17 M/s Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt Ltd in association with M.s Apex Engineering Co Ltd USD 671,275.0019 MonthsHeadquarters
4TRD/HQ/1055/2016/17 M/s China Railway Seventh Group Co. LtdTZS 110,447,000,000.0029 MonthsHeadquarters
5TRD/HQ/1054/2016/17M/s China Henan International Cooperation Group Co. LtdTZS 107,085,000,000.0029 MonthsHeadquarters
6TRD/HQ/1053/2016/17 M/s China Geo Engineering Corporation TZS 107,555,000,000.0024 MonthsHeadquarters
7TRD/HQ/1052/2016/17 M/s Salum Motors Transport Co. Ltd, M/s Anam Road Works Co. Ltd and M/s Jossam Company Ltd Joint VentureTZS 38,747,800,000.0022 MonthsHeadquarters
8TRD/HQ/1051/2016/17 Ms. Neema Kiure MssusaTZS 17,800,000.001 WeeksHeadquarters
9TRD/HQ/1050/2016/17 China Wu Yi Co., LtdTZS 87,126,400,000.0024 MonthsHeadquarters
10TRD/HQ/1048/2016/17 M/s National Printing Co LtdTZS 47,200,000.004 WeeksHeadquarters
11TRD/HQ/1049/2016/17 M/s Scan Africa (EA) LtdTZS 775,263,000.008 WeeksHeadquarters
12TRD/HQ/1047/2016/17 M/s Arab Consulting Engineers Moharram - Bakhoum of Egypt in association with M/s G-PES Ltd of TanzaniaTZS 1,683,230,000.009 MonthsHeadquarters
13TRD/HQ/1046/2016/17 Dr. Vitalis Ndume TZS 135,500,000.0018 MonthsHeadquarters
14TRD/HQ/1045/2016/17 M/s Cheil Engineering Co. Ltd of South Korea in association with M/s Inter-Consult Ltd of TanzaniaTZS 3,891,890,000.0021 MonthsHeadquarters
15TRD/HQ/1044/2016/M/s CRJE (East Africa) LtdTZS 9,420,360,000.0012 MonthsHeadquarters
16TRD/HQ/1043/2016/17 M/s Crown Tech-Consult LtdTZS 11,500,000.002 WeeksHeadquarters
17TRD/HQ/1042/2016/17 M/s Crown Tech-Consult LtdTZS 107,144,000.002 WeeksHeadquarters
18TRD/HQ/1041/2016/17 M/s Afrimax Technologies LtdTZS 66,253,200.004 WeeksHeadquarters
19TRD/HQ/1040/2016/17 M/s Kishengweni Enterprises TZS 21,098,400.0012 MonthsHeadquarters
20TRD/HQ/1038/2016/17 M/s BOTEK Bosphorus Technical Consulting Corporation of Turkey in association with M/s Apex Engineering Co, Ltd of TanzaUSD 2,872,890.0046 MonthsHeadquarters