Awarded Tenders

#Contract No.AwardedContract AmountContract DurationRegion
1TRD/HQ/1039/2016/17 M/s Inter-Consult Ltd TZS 950,079,000.0039 MonthsHeadquarters
2CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1035/2020/21M/s MIDATA-Tech LtdTZS 9,927,560.004 WeeksHeadquarters
3CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1036/2020/21M/s Connect Company LtdTZS 86,877,100.002 WeeksHeadquarters
4CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1034/2020/21M/s China Henan International Cooperation Group Co. Ltd (CHICO)TZS 1,344,690,000.0015 MonthsHeadquarters
5CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1033/2020/21M/s Kazi Electronics ServicesTZS 116,431,000.006 MonthsHeadquarters
6CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1032/2020/21M/s PAN Arab Consulting Engineering (Pace) in association with M/s Crown TECH-Consults Ltd TZS 4,409,620,000.0048 MonthsHeadquarters
7CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1031/2020/21M/s China Geo Engineering Corporation LtdTZS 14,118,200,000.008 MonthsHeadquarters
8CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1030/2020/21The Arman & Aahil Aladin Co. LtdTZS 99,686,400.002 WeeksHeadquarters
9CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1028/2020/21M/s Kyong Dong Engineering Co. Ltd of Korea in association with M/s Mhandisi Consultancy Ltd of TanzaniaUSD 472,820.0016 MonthsHeadquarters
10CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1029/2020/21M/s Doch Ltd TZS 2,337,100,000.0036 MonthsHeadquarters
11CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1027/2020/21/s Computer Sales and Services (CSS)TZS 9,160,730.001 WeeksHeadquarters
12CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1026/2020/21M/s Brand Tyre Shoppe LtdTZS 48,026,000.001 WeeksHeadquarters
13CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1025/2020/21M/s Afro Stationery Manufacture LtdTZS 4,779,000.004 WeeksHeadquarters
14CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1024/2020/21M/s Jaffery Ind. Saini Ltd.TZS 31,802,500.002 WeeksHeadquarters
15CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1023/2020/21M/s Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co. LtdTZS 35,048,800,000.0020 MonthsHeadquarters
16CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1019/2020/21Eng. August Mwesiga Byabato USD 20,000.0010 WeeksHeadquarters
17CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1020/2020/21M/s DOCH Ltd TZS 2,246,400,000.0036 MonthsHeadquarters
18CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1018/2020/21M/s Technology AssociateTZS 81,547,100.008 WeeksHeadquarters
19CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1017/2020/21M/s Kasumo Technologies LtdTZS 150,118,000.004 WeeksHeadquarters
20CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1021/2020/21M/s Professional Photo Lab Ltd.TZS 45,076,000.005 WeeksHeadquarters