The Directorate of Planning is responsible for the following key activities:

Preparation of annual and strategic plans for the maintenance and development of the trunk and regional road network.

Ensuring that engineering designs and economic feasibility studies for road and bridge projects comply with specified technical standards and economic viability.

Undertaking data collection for the purpose of planning of the road network, engineering designs, budgeting for maintenance works, investment in road development projects and monitoring of progress of road works against set targets.

Implementing road safety, environmental and social measures for road works.

Undertaking testing of construction materials and civil works and commissioning research on construction materials and construction technologies for road works.

The Directorate has a total of 52 members of staff and has four Departments:

  • Department of Planning with a total of 9 members of staff
  • Road Safety and Environment with a total of 6 members of staff
  • Design & Standards with a total of 10 members of staff and
  • Materials & Research with a total of 27 members of staff.