Legal Unit

LEGAL UNIT 1.0 LEGAL UNIT Is one of the units established in TANROADS Organizational structure under the Executive Agencies (The Tanzania National Roads Agency) (Establishment) Order 2000, GN.293 of 2000,which came into effect on 25th August 2000,as amended by the Executive Agency(The Tanzania National Roads Agency)(Establishment) Amendment Order 2009 GN.350 of 2009, the Executive Agency(The Tanzania National Roads Agency)(Establishment) Amendment Order 2020 and GN.232 of 2020, all made under section 3(1) of the Executive Agency Act Cap.245. The Unit is headed by the Chief Legal Counsel who reports directly to the Chief Executive. The Unit has currently a workforce of 11 registered Legal Counsel, who are state attorneys as reflected in the Attorney General (Appointment of Law Officers and State Attorneys) Notice, 2020 GN. NO. 1011 published on 27/11/2020 made under the Office of the Attorney General (Discharge of Duties) Act, (CAP. 268). 2.0 Duties The principal duties of the Unit include, inter alia, the following: - 1. Provide legal advice and assistance to TANROADS on legal matters 2. Provide technical support in preparation of proposed Bills. 3. Participate in various negotiations and meeting which call for legal expertise 4. Translate laws within TANROADS 5. Liase with the Offices of the Attorney General Chamber and solicitor General on litigation of civil cases and other claims legal matters involving TANROADS 6. Prepare and review various legal instruments such as orders, notices agreements, memorandum of understanding insurance policies etc. 7. Witnessing of signing of Contracts 8. Vetting/ ratification of contracts whose threshold is below I billion. 9. To represent the Agency in court of law, tribunal etc.