Awarded Tenders

#Contract No.AwardedContract AmountContract DurationRegion
41TRD/HQ/1048/2016/17 M/s National Printing Co LtdTZS 47,200,000.004 WeeksHeadquarters
42TRD/HQ/1010/2015/16M/s Opensanit Company Ltd TZS 31,786,200.004 WeeksHeadquarters
43TRD/HQ/1052/2016/17 M/s Salum Motors Transport Co. Ltd, M/s Anam Road Works Co. Ltd and M/s Jossam Company Ltd Joint VentureTZS 38,747,800,000.0022 MonthsHeadquarters
44TRD/HQ/1013/2016/17M/s Scan Africa (EA) Ltd TZS 877,195,000.008 WeeksHeadquarters
45TRD/HQ/1049/2016/17 M/s Scan Africa (EA) LtdTZS 775,263,000.008 WeeksHeadquarters
46TRD/HQ/1033/2016/17M/s SMEC International Pty LtdUSD 1,821,790.0048 MonthsHeadquarters
47TRD/HQ/1028/2016/17M/s SMEC International Pty LtdUSD 411,332.008 MonthsHeadquarters
48TRD/HQ/1012/2016/17M/s Sumotomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd of Japan TZS 374,650,000.006 MonthsHeadquarters
49TRD/HQ/1002/2016/17M/s T.M Nicholas & CoTZS 19,500,000.002 WeeksHeadquarters
50TRD/HQ/1006/2016/17M/s Tanzania Telecommunication Co. LtdTZS 1,167,130,000.0012 MonthsHeadquarters
51TRD/HQ/1031/2016/17 M/s Yooshin Engineering Coorporation in association with M/s A.C.E Consultants, M/s Luptan Consults Ltd and M/s MhandisiTZS 5,366,720,000.0040 MonthsHeadquarters
52TRD/HQ/1017/2016/17M/s Yooshin Engineering Corporation in Joint Venture with M/s Cheil Engineering Co. Ltd in association with M/s Afrisa CTZS 2,803,530,000.0012 MonthsHeadquarters
53TRD/HQ/1004/2016/17M/s Yooshin Engineering Corporation of Korea in association with M/s Afrisa Consulting LtdUSD 5,443,260.0084 MonthsHeadquarters
54TRD/HQ/1019/2016/17Mr. Joseph Shayo USD 87,792.0012 MonthsHeadquarters
55TRD/HQ/1022/2016/17Mr. Andreas Helmich USD 76,207.506 WeeksHeadquarters
56TRD/HQ/1022/2016/17Mr. Andreas Helmich USD 76,207.509 WeeksHeadquarters
57TRD/HQ/1020/2016/17Mr. Yusuf BaloziUSD 117,528.0012 MonthsHeadquarters
58TRD/HQ/1021/2016/17Ms. Hilda Faustine NtibasalilaTZS 4,000,000.0011 WeeksHeadquarters
59TRD/HQ/1051/2016/17 Ms. Neema Kiure MssusaTZS 17,800,000.001 WeeksHeadquarters