Awarded Tenders

#Contract No.AwardedContract AmountContract DurationRegion
21CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1032/2020/21M/s PAN Arab Consulting Engineering (Pace) in association with M/s Crown TECH-Consults Ltd TZS 4,409,620,000.0048 MonthsHeadquarters
22TRD/HQ/1010/2015/16M/s Opensanit Company Ltd TZS 31,786,200.004 WeeksHeadquarters
23CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1009/2020/21M/s NIMETA Consult (T) Ltd TZS 888,950,000.0012 MonthsHeadquarters
24TRD/HQ/1048/2016/17 M/s National Printing Co LtdTZS 47,200,000.004 WeeksHeadquarters
25CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1035/2020/21M/s MIDATA-Tech LtdTZS 9,927,560.004 WeeksHeadquarters
26TRD/HQ/1014/2016/17M/s MFI Document Solutions Ltd TZS 9,440,000.004 WeeksHeadquarters
27TRD/HQ/1025/2016/17M/s M.I Printing and Stationery Supplies LtdTZS 39,736,500.004 WeeksHeadquarters
28TRD/HQ/1015/2016/17M/s Lukanima EnterprisesTZS 16,645,000.001 WeeksHeadquarters
29TRD/HQ/1003/2016/17M/s Logistic Expert (T) LtdTZS 97,232,000.004 WeeksHeadquarters
30TRD/HQ/1032/2016/17 M/s LEA International in JV with M/s LEA Associates South Asia Pvt Ltd in association with M/s Advanced Engineering SoluUSD 2,298,180.0048 MonthsHeadquarters
31CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1028/2020/21M/s Kyong Dong Engineering Co. Ltd of Korea in association with M/s Mhandisi Consultancy Ltd of TanzaniaUSD 472,820.0016 MonthsHeadquarters
32TRD/HQ/1040/2016/17 M/s Kishengweni Enterprises TZS 21,098,400.0012 MonthsHeadquarters
33TRD/HQ/1027/2016/17 M/s Kila Investment & Co. LtdTZS 3,672,160.0016 WeeksHeadquarters
34CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1033/2020/21M/s Kazi Electronics ServicesTZS 116,431,000.006 MonthsHeadquarters
35CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1017/2020/21M/s Kasumo Technologies LtdTZS 150,118,000.004 WeeksHeadquarters
36CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1015/2020/21M/s Joseph Godfrey Sangawe T/A M/s Centre General SuppliesTZS 49,350,300.001 WeeksHeadquarters
37CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1002/2020/21M/s Jamii Grouped Solution (T) LtdTZS 11,847,200.001 WeeksHeadquarters
38CONTRACT NO. TRD/HQ/1024/2020/21M/s Jaffery Ind. Saini Ltd.TZS 31,802,500.002 WeeksHeadquarters
39TRD/HQ/1056/2016/17 M/s Intercontinental Consultants and Technocrats Pvt Ltd in association with M.s Apex Engineering Co Ltd USD 671,275.0019 MonthsHeadquarters
40TRD/HQ/1011/2016/17M/s Intercom Systems (T) Ltd TZS 11,357,500.001 WeeksHeadquarters