Construction if Interchange at Ubungo Intersection

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) signed a contract with China contractor M/s China Civil Engineering Construction Cooperation (CCECC) for the construction of an interchange at Ubungo Intersection on February 22, 2017.

The contract for the construction works expects the contractor CCECC to commence work immediately as the Government has completed all necessary procedures on its part and a total of 2.1 billion has already been paid to the affected community of the construction of this important project.

In a brief speech during the contract signing event TANROADS Chief Executive Eng. Patrick Mfugale said “More than 65,000 motor vehicles move on the Morogoro road daily which is also the main door of entering Dar es Salaam city thus the completion of the project will alleviate the traffic congestion at Ubungo intersection and to a considerable extent reduce the same on the Dar es Salaam road network which will subsequently improve economic and social activities of the people and the nation”. He further said that “The project cost is 177.4 billion and is a loan from the World Bank thus we expect the mobilization process to begin immediately as we will inaugurate the construction of the project next month”.

According to the design the interchange will be constructed in three levels; traffic on Morogoro Road direction including BRT and all left turn traffic will run at level 1 i.e. at grade. All Right turn traffic will run on level 2 which is 5.75m above the ground level. The traffic on the Mandela and Sam Nujoma roads direction will run on level 3 which is 12.5 m above the ground level and is of six lanes.

The Managing Director of CCECC, Mr. Yigao Jiang in his brief speech assured Eng. Mfugale that they will start mobilization immediately and they will complete the project timely and as per the contract specifies.