Good implementation of transport infrastructure projects has inspired Members of Parliamentary committee for Works Portfolio from the Kingdom of Eswatin who visited the country to learn.

Chief Executive Officer of the Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS), Eng Rogatus Mativila, said the Agency hosted the delegation that toured some projects, especially roads construction.

Eng Mativila said their visit for learning was due to government’s efforts by President Samia Suluhu to continue constructing more transport infrastructures, particularly roads. 

“Since President Samia took oath of the office we have witnessed significant development in construction of transport infrastructures, a situation which attract people from other countries to come to learn,” Eng Mativila stated. 

He argued that the government construct roads to facilitate its people to conduct their economic activities effectively and improve their lives.

"If there are good roads people can transport their goods easily and in short time, when there are poor roads businesses are affected," he said.

Many positive changes in terms of development have occurred after construction of roads infrastructures in many regions.

However, Eng Mativila pointed out that construction of those infrastructures is very costly, thus they should be protected.

"Since the government builds infrastructures to facilitate the citizens, I call upon the citizens to protect these infrastructures," he said.

On his part, Mr Thulani Mkaliph, Principal Secretary of the Public Works Portfolio, asked, among others, how Tanzania finances weighbridge operations. The Regional Manager Dar es Salaam explained the Weighbridge operations are financed by the Government.

Elaborating, TANROADS Dar es Salaam Regional Manager Harun Senkuku said the Agency’s department in charge of materials has a role to quantify and qualify materials needed for projects.

"Whenever we have construction project we have to make sure that our materials laboratory is well equipped and well informed to make sure that materials meet standards,” said Senkuku. 

Some delegates thanked the TANROADS for giving them opportunity to visit the projects, saying they have learnt a lot on how projects are effectively implemented.