TANROADS Strategic Project of Kigongo - Busisi Bridge


Construction of Kigongo – Busisi Bridge (3200m) and Associated Approach Roads (1.6km) to Spur Economic Growth.

The construction of J.P. Magufuli Bridge is among the key components for implementing the development programme in the country as it will provide an important link between Mwanza Region and neighbouring countries of Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda and will be a catalyst for reducing poverty and spur economic growth in the larger area.

The project route consists of two major components namely: Bridge works and Road works. The Bridge works consist of construction of extra- dosed bridge (520m) with a total length of 3.00 km (including approach section) crossing the Lake Victoria. Road construction consists of widening of 1.66 km of the existing road from 2 lanes to 4 lanes and construction of 1.16km on the Kigongo side and 0.5 pm the Busisi side. These approach roads tie in from the existing surfaced road to the new bridge. For construction purposes the Bridge and roads have been combined in one contract (Single Lot) covering Bridge and road segments.

The project road includes 3 km bridge of the project and consists of a main bridge and two approach bridge. It is the first to transverse the Mwanza Gulf of Lake Victoria, and thus the symbolic meaning and aesthetic beauty of the surroundings is adequately expressed by the extra dosed bridge with three (3) pylons. And also, approach bridges are PSC beam bridges with 40 m long of span length in terms of securing the economics of the Projects. In addition, the temporary bridge was applied to whole bridge part in order to complete the bridge construction.

Currently the Kigongo/Busisi ferry crossing has provided the main link from Mwanza to Western parts of Tanzania and neighbouring countries via the Usagara – Geita – Buzirayombo – Kyamyorwa road. The crossing is approximately 3200m wide and two ferry boats currently ply this crossing. The ferries carry approximately 1600 vehicles in each direction on a daily basis. During heavy rain the ferry operations are prohibited for safety reasons.

The J.P.Magufuli Bridge will replace the ferries as the main crossing of Lake Victoria at this vicinity. It is expected that the new bridge will accommodate significantly more traffic volumes along the route as well as improve safety of users at this lake crossing point.

Construction of the Bridge therefore will ensure that the Bridge is passable throughout the year with easy, Improve ambient air quality, reduce traffic volume to the ferry through diverted traffic, reduce travel time and improve public transport and complement the proposed Bridge by directly linking Mwanza Region and the surrounding western regions as well as neighbouring countries.

J.P. Magufuli Bridge which is being financed by the Government of Tanzania commenced on 25th February 2020 is expected to be completed on 24th February 2024.  Once completed the bridge and its approaches roads is anticipated to connect the two Districts of Misungwi and Sengerema townships by crossing over Lake Victoria and will significantly carry the heavy traffic plying along this route and improve safety of the current users of the ferry and will minimize operation costs and speed up economic growth as well as provide more social economic opportunities.