Its construction now reaches 91%

The Secretary General of CCM, Hon. Daniel Chongolo, recently made an official visit to inspect the progress of the implementation of the new Selander bridge project, in Dar es Salaam where its construction has reached 91 percent.

In his statement on the implementation status of the project to the CCM Secretary General, the Chief Executive of the Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS), Eng. Rogatus Hussein Mativila, has said that purpose of the visit of the Secretary General (CCM), Hon. Daniel Chongolo, aimed to inspect the construction project of the New Selander Bridge that has costed an amount of 243 Billion Tanzanian shillings.

In addition, he noted that the project was supposed to be completed in December 2021, but due to pace shown in this construction, the completion seems to be one month ahead of the schedule, which is November, 2021.

"The Secretary General  of CCM, has come to see the progress of this project, which has now reached 91 percent compared to 89.2 percent previously stated as per project plan, which indicates that the project is likely to be completed much earlier ”, said Eng. Mativila.

Speaking on the issue of employment, the TANROADS Chief Executive said, the project has employed many Tanzanians, who are undergoing training to acquire technological skills, which will facilitate them in the implementation of other such big projects. In this regard, 92 percent of employees are locals and only 8 percent foreigners.

Speaking during the visit, Hon. Chongolo said that, it is important to include all Tanzanians serving in this project in a database in order to maintain, retain and promote them to be a catalyst for the implementation of other mega projects. This will facilitate the tracing of these skillful constructors of such mega projects in our country.

The New Selander Bridge Project began its implementation in October 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. The new bridge is expected to facilitate easier entry of vehicles in Dar es Salaam City-hub.

Prepared by the Communication Unit- TANROADS.